Pacific Rim Fisheries Inc.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at a very competitive price and to get our products to our clients in a timely, affordable and efficient manner. We strive to make each client of ours feel like they come first.

From the boat, to the dock, to the packaging facility and freezer, we use state of the art equipment to assure quality is maintained at the highest levels possible for all of our products.

Our Company

Pacific Rim Fisheries is a new company established in 2011. Although the company is new the people behind Pacific Rim Fisheries have years of experience in the commercial fishing industry making Pacific Rim Fisheries already competitive in the industry. The company is owned by three brothers, Ted, Darin and PJ Guglielmo who come from a family with a long history in the fishing industry. Their father, Pete Guglielmo, owns Southern Cal Seafood, Inc., their uncle, Aniello Guglielmo, runs the fishing vessel Trionfo and their grandfather, John Guglielmo, ran fishing boats and seafood restaurants in Southern California.

All three brothers have worked for Southern Cal Seafood and on various fishing vessels before branching out on their own to make their mark in the seafood industry.

Our Team

Our team consists of a fleet of fishing vessels from all over the West Coast. Our captains have a vast knowledge of the product, many having over 40 years of experience in the fishing industry. Our processing and packing staff is dedicated and hard working to get the product out to our clients in a timely manner.